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To Blog or not to Blog | that is the question!

Hey everyone, Tracey here. I've been working on something deeply personal and important to me, and today, I'm both excited and terrified to share it with you. I am starting a blog about life at The Little Shop and why it is so important to me and my family.
I'm hoping the blog will benefit everyone, but I am doing this mainly for my kids to help them understand what makes their "madwoman" mom tick.
One of the things I want to share in this blog is that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For a long time, I've kept this part of my story tucked away, hidden behind the scenes.
I very rarely talk about my MS because, in my own mind, I have always thought, "Nothing good comes from telling people you have MS." But that stops now. The past few years have been good. I have helped, and been helped, by so many people. So I'm taking a leap of faith and sharing my story with you.
In the "About Us" section of our website, I talk about my mom's disability. She also had MS. My mom named me Tracey because of its meaning.

"Born from the Gaelic surname Ó Treasaigh, Tracey is a gender-neutral name blessed with a courageous spirit. Stemming from the Irish word treise, meaning 'power' or 'strength,' Tracey is best defined as 'warlike.' Instilled with an unyielding dominance, Tracey cuts an ardent figure unafraid to face even the most formidable obstacles."
Yes, I would say I have faced some formidable obstacles in my life, but I keep going because when I am told “You can’t,” I know in my heart “I can"!  My mom knew that too!
So here I am, running The Little Shop. This is no easy task - the most demanding job I've ever had. But I'm proud of my strength, resilience, and determination and deeply appreciative of your support.
In this blog, I want to talk about many things, including what inspired me to start this journey as a female business owner who, despite the obstacles, has found the courage to pursue my dreams and make a positive impact in my Little Shop world.
Thank you for listening to my story...
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I wish instead of sending people to the moon; research for MS and other diseases could be addressed and cures be found! I admire your dedication and dexterity and not letting MS stomp your life and dream and not letting it block your endeavors! You are winning; MS is NOT !!! God Bless


Tracey I have always loved your store & all of your special touches you bring to it! I am happy & honored to follow your blog and know I will be inspired by your strengths & fortitude. Autoimmune covers a myriad of diseases of which I too have several. I admire you & your courage, blog on!!

Deb Deschenes

The best part of writing this? All the positive and loving responses from my friends. It makes me so happy to think I might make you smile… even if just once in a while.



Tracey, you are so loved by many. I loved your Mom and that’s one of the reason I read your parents Christmas story every Christmas Eve. I’ve known you for a long time and MS does not define you. Your bravery here will help so many that are struggling with it. Love, Paula

Paula McNabb

Thank you for sharing your very brave story. You absolutely rock! As you know I love your store and what you have built. I had no idea the challenges you must have faced in building your wonderful businesses. Now I admire you even more and appreciate our friendship. If you ever need somebody to help out, don’t hesitate to reach out. Always willing to help a fellow entrepreneur. Keep writing.

Rose Cahill

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