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Cheffanie's NY Strip Roast with Espresso Rub

As many of you know, I am in a Book Club for what might be almost 20 years now (Yikes).  Love all these women and I call them my "Focus Group"...if they don't like something...I won't carry it in The Little Shop of Olive Oils.

Stephanie (or Cheffanie) as we call her...made this gem last week and below is a summary of our group text...thanks Cheffie!


"Side bar... Tracey I'm using your espresso balsamic as the base for my NY strip roast tonight (with herbs and salt/pepper). 

It was amazing. The balsamic sugars helped the browning process! I highly recommend 

No coffee flavor but basically you could use any of the dark balsamics. The sugars in it helped it caramelize the outside. I only cooked it on convection roast at 325 and it looked like I seared it. Crushed garlic, thyme, rosemary, seasoned salt and pepper. 4lbs took 1 hour for medium rare."

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