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Hojiblanca Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Intensity: Mild

Crush Date:  May 2023

Country of origin: AUS

Our ever-popular Australian Hojiblanca displays notes of sweet melon, tropical fruit, and creamy green almond. The finish is delicate with a pleasing amount of pepperiness. (IOO273)

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 6.5     Bitterness 2.0    Pungency 2.0


Name Indicates Value
Biophenols* Antioxidants 191.9 ppm
Free Fatty Acids Great for Drizzling 0.26
Oleic Acid Freshness 75.6
Peroxide Value Freshness 4.3
DAGs Quality 94.0
PPP* Freshness <0.2
Squalene Freshness 9,116.2
A-Tocopherols Antioxidants 330.3

*As measured at time of crush

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