Finishing Salt Trio Jars

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Amazing on any dish...finishing salts are the best way to elevate any dish. 

  • Three 2-ounce jars of  Chardonnay, Lemon and Thyme Finishing Salt, Pinot Noir & Fennel Finishing Salt and Rose Rosemary Finishing Salt.

      Chardonnay, Lemon and Thyme:  Sprinkle over smoked turkey, baked chicken, egg salad, goat cheese, fish chowder or a caprese salad.

      Pinot Noir and Fennel:  Sprinkle over, poached salmon, baked sweet potatoes, sauteed brussel sprouts, warm zucchini salad.

      Rose Rosemary:  Sprinkle over pork loin, focaccia, tomato soup, baked garlic, cucumber salad, pizza or roasted potatoes.