Elements chocolates are handmade with just cacao and honey. They are infused with Ayurveda superfoods and pure essential oils, which lends to its unique flavor profile and melt-in-the-mouth texture. For more information and nutritional facts visit Elements Truffles

Sampler Truffles - 

This pack contains a mix of truffles of following flavors (contains 8). 

  • Orange Pistachio with Turmeric Infusion
  • Rose with Cardamom Infusion
  • Raspberry with Beet Root Infusion
  • Peppermint with Lavender Infusion
  • Sea Salt with Turmeric Infusion
  • Ginger with Black Pepper Infusion

Ginger & Black Pepper -

Infused with back pepper, garnished with roasted sesame seeds.
Blend of spicy and warm notes of ginger and black pepper makes this the most unique flavor. Sesame seeds add crunch and a diminutive but unique nutty flavor profile. 

Sea Salt & Turmeric - 

Sea Salt from Cervia, a small town on Italy's Adriatic coast, meets Turmeric from India. Curcumin in turmeric stimulates the body's own antioxidant mechanism and also helps delay aging. 

Raspberry & Beetroot -

Infused with Beetroot and garnished with organic freeze-dried Raspberries
Rich in antioxidants and essential minerals, Beetroot helps boost the immune system.

Orange Quinoa with Turmeric - 

With the decadent overtone of orange and puffed quinoa, this is the chef's personal favorite.
Curcumin in turmeric stimulates the body's own antioxidant mechanism and also helps delay aging. 

Maple Toffee Crunch with Moringa - 

Brittle meets creamy texture with sweet caramel notes. It is no secret that we don't like sugar and so we went all the way to create toffee by reducing the highest quality maple syrup from Vermont. Maple toffee squarely complements the texture and taste of cacao.

Cinnamon Orange with Clove - 

Cinnamon and chocolate, a match made in heaven (Or Mexico!) with the undertone of clove spice and citrus orange. 

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