We are proud to Partner with the following businesses.  They have helped us so much along the way and we could not have done this Little Shop without them!



The Tea and Spice Exchange - Claudette and Michelle are amazing and their Tuscany Blend is delicious.  We could ask for better Partners. 
Fiori Florals - Michelle - Inspiration and Beauty all in one place!
Vinitas - Kim - Brilliant...she knows her wine!
The Cake Bar - Fun and Flavorful!  So many delicious creations for our Events.  Excitement in every delivery.
Teddy Gallagher's - Family owned and Great People...thank you for giving our event guests a place to continue having fun.
Franklin Downtown Partnership - Franklin is lucky to have you! 
Molly's Apothecary - Ann and Margaret gave us the encouragement we needed!  And some of the most beautiful soaps "evha"!
Wink Lash Boutique - Marie...you are an inspiration...remember before babies you said "go for it" :-)
Buzz 10 - Susan - Funny, Smart and free as a bee!  Amazing!
Auntie Dalie's - Margi and Jon right around the corner in Hopedale.  Love these guys!
Veronica Foods - Veronica - you made me "push the envelope".  None of this would have happened without you!