Old Quebec Butcher's Rub

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Quebec is beloved for maple syrup, poutine, and, among insiders, its beef. Be it smoked brisket at a Montreal deli or a slow roast cooked outside on a snowy day, you can almost taste it as you cross the border. This rub is tangy, peppery, and garlicky, with a touch of cracked coriander.

The simple yet gratifying flavors of Quebec Beef Spice make it one of our best blends for beef or pork and pairs well with chicken or turkey, too. This blend closely resembles one more commonly known as Montreal Seasoning. One of our favorite grilling dishes is New York strip steaks marinated in red wine with a heavy coating of this blend -- just soak the steaks for half an hour before grilling...delicious!

Ingredients: Kosher salt, pepper, garlic, coriander, cane sugar.

Flatpack, 1/2 cup.