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Website Love?

Website Love?

Is there such a thing?  I know it is difficult to understand but to a self-proclaimed “Data Geek” (me) this new website is the culmination of years in the making.  Honestly, I started off 5 years ago with the goal of “just making it functional” …believe me it wasn’t pretty. 

But through those years, I learned tons!  Not only just through my own research but by learning from some super talented and supportive people (you know who you are).  My pictures were dark, messy, the wrong size...oof  My content was very limited with just the facts!

Now here we are with the next iteration.  It has taken quite some time, but I look back on how we got here, and I am thankful, grateful, humbled and proud all at the same time.

I hope you like it, and we will continue to make it better…cause this is my “Jam”

Xo Tracey

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